What your data team can do for you

Problem Forward can be your data science team if you don't currently have one, or need to scale your team up.

We can help with all parts of the data science lifecycle: from organiziations just taking their first steps with data science, to those who need to consolidate data across functional groups, to those who are ready to integrate data products into their core services. We'll meet you wherever your organization is in your data journey.


Question definition

A key part of the data science process is figuring out what you want to do with data. How do you turn a business question into a data science question? Do you have the data you need? What is the goal of your project? We can help you translate your questions into data science questions.


Data tidying and organizing

You know you want to solve your data science problem. But where is your data? Is it scattered across databases and Excel spreadsheets? Owned by four different siloed functional groups? We can help you organize, tidy, document, and distribute your data to accelerate answers to your data science questions.


Data analysis

You have your data organized and accessible and you know what question you want to answer. Now how do you actually use your data to answer that question? We can help you create new data analysis plans, new automated reports, or standardize analysis across functional groups to ensure you get the answers to your questions.

Bespoke data products

You've organized your data, studied the data, and found new insights. How do you scale that product to your organization? Do you need a dashboard, a machine learning product, or an automated reporting system? We can build a data product tailored to your needs.

Our team

Our team brings more than 20 years of experience in data science and consulting. Our experience spans problems from cutting edge scientific research to scaling massive solutions for fortune 500 companies.

  • Jeff Leek, PhD


    Jeff Leek is a Professor of Biostatistics at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and co-Director of the Johns Hopkins Data Science Lab. He is also the co-creator of data science Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that have enrolled more than 5 million data scientists and executives. His blog, Simply Statistics, is read by tens of thousands of data scientists around the world.

  • Jamie McGovern


    Jamie McGovern is an experienced Consulting Industry Executive with a deep background in business strategy and transformation. He has held a number of senior delivery roles as a client partner to Fortune 500 customers. Areas of thought leadership include data analytics, human/computer usability, strategic talent development, back-office leading practices, knowledge sharing and collaboration.